Which system is best for you?

Broadly, Solar power setups can be deployed in three different configurations, such as :

On-Grid System

So called Grid Tied system comprises of Solar Panels put up on building roof/open areas like parking etc. and a solar power inverter. This type of setup is suitable for areas where Grid electricity supply is stable with minimal or no outages. Electricity generated by this system is fed to the house and any surplus electricity is fed back to Grid power lines (via a bidirectional Net meter). Amount of surplus units fed to grid can be used back during night time or during cloudy days.

This setup is quick to deploy and requires zero or minimal maintenance (only requires water jet cleaning of panels once in 2-3 months). It is the most cost effective option among all three.

However please note that in the event of grid power outage this system shuts off and can not power the house. (This is as per state electricity policy)