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We specialize in rooftop solar power setups giving special attention to residential customers in. When we started in the year 2013, solar technology was available in India but there was a big paucity of professionals who could guide the common man to adopt this technology for his/her benefit.

We, at SolarItis are passionate about harvesting solar power and reducing carbon footprints. We not only install Solar power generation equipment at residences and societies but we also take care of the complete & end-to-end process. This includes performing detailed site surveys, ROI & impact analysis to understand your needs better and then present various customized options to the client. Our experienced engineering team does site engineering, takes care of liasioning with Electricity board officials and installs the most optimum & efficient systems for our customers.

You will find the same passion and dedication even after the installation has been complete as we thrive to provide efficient after-sales service to ensure well maintained equipment and uninterrupted electric supply year after year. Contact now for free electricity from Solar Energy Company in India.

Benefits of Solar Power Installation

Today with vast choice in solar technologies, stabilization of equipment prices and maturity of state solar policies, it has become a lot easier to adopt Solar technology for your house hold power needs.

As long as you have Space to install Solar Panels on your roof you can Go Solar [Typically 75SqFeet of space is required per killowatt of Solar setup]

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Broadly, Solar power setups can be deployed in three different configurations, such as :
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If you think you are ready to make a difference by adopting this green technology and also side by side save substantial money on your monthly electricity bill, give us a call and we will walk you through on the complete process. (Simplified Process flow given below)

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