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Solaritis is one of the reputed Solar companies in Gurgaon offering diversified and customized solar energy solutions to residential, commercial, industrial & government areas at cost-effective pricing with long-term durability commitment. We are specialized in residential solar energy solutions in Gurgaon while installing the solar panels after analyzing the ROI-based modules. Our passionate and dedicated technicians offer end-to-end solar processes with complete monitoring, maintenance, and Follow-ups. Solaritis deals in high quality and branded solar products & equipments to ensure free & smooth running electricity supply for long years.

Solaritis is the top solar energy consultant in Gurgaon delivers tailor made customised renewable solar energy solutions. Company deals in Residential Rooftop solar panels with great efficiency. These Rooftop panels have a durable life with long term warranty so as to serve the customer with money saving electricity. We check the requirement of the clients, list out the process involved and serve with great efficiency with Solar Energy Solutions in Gurgaon. We timely conduct the solar awareness programs in Gurgaon to ensure the maximum usage of solar energy which is a free and environmental source of energy generation. Install Solar panels at your work and home place to save the energy consumption costs in Gurgaon and contribute towards the development of the Indian Economy.

Solar Products

Solar Equipment Supplier In Gurgaon

Solaritis is one of the reputed suppliers & dealers of Solar Products & Equipments. Apart from selling the solar energy, Company took charge of installation process too. Be it any brands such as Tata, Luminous, Vikram, Jackson, Adani, Sukam, Delta, ABB, EXIDE, Okaya, etc, Solaritis is one of the reputed solar equipment suppliers in Gurgaon. We sell the products at wholesale rates. people looking to buy the products for residential or commercial purposes may contact Solaritis. The Solar products we are dealing with are:-

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Solar Panels
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Solar Inverter
solar water pump in Gurgaon
Solar Pump
Solar Street Lights in Gurgaon
Solar Street Lights
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Solar Water Heater
Solar Tubular Batteries in Gurgaon
Solar Tubular Batteries

Benefits of Solar Energy in Gurgaon

Why should one go for solar energy consumption and installation services in Gurgaon? Here are some of the benefits of using Solar energy & products which are:-


Solar modules or panels are durable and usually come with a warranty of 25 years. Although panels will produce solar even after 20 years with 80% of efficiency and continue to work till 25 years. Being having a long-life feature, one must go for this cost-saving energy source. All the elements are designed to face natural disasters, debris, hailstorms, high winds, etc so solar energy offers you long life while bearing every kind of temperature or weather.

Tax Benefits

Government offers tax benefits and subsidies to people installing solar panels or using solar energy to encourage them. The subsidy or tax benefits are applicable for commercial and residential purposes both. In short, you are saving a huge cost in installing the solar panel system and thus cutting the cost of the solar panel system.

Maximum Savings & High ROI

You are using own Energy through free resource i.e. Sun-rays which is again a symbol of saving. You may earn extra by selling your unused electricity, and thus you may continue to save & earn. In terms of ROI, you will have to invest approx your 3-4 years electricity bills into Solar installation, but thereafter you will have to pay for 21 years. Thus you made high ROI based solar energy with a long term future perspective.

Safe Environment

Solar Panels and Equipment uses solar energy which is clean and pure energy and does not receive any harmful greenhouse gases. It does not pollute water, air, or does not consume any fossil fuel. In fact, it requires less water to maintain the solar system. It is completely environment friendly.

Residential Solar Installation Company Gurgaon

Residential Solar Installation Company Gurgaon

Solaritis as a top solar rooftop company in Gurgaon!!

Residential Solar panels are also called rooftop panels that have a long life and save the electrified consumption bills while offering an environment-friendly atmosphere. Solar homes have more resale value while having International standards. Solar protects you from the future tariff of increased bills or energy costs. It also reduces the heat trap as solar roofs are 5 degrees Fahrenheit collar than the open terrace. Solaritis is a well-known residential solar rooftop installation & maintenance company offering quality and valuable solar services at cost-effective pricing.

Solar Energy Consultants Gurgaon

Where are we Serving with Solar Energy solutions

solar equipment supplier in gurgaon

Lots of industries related to textile, cement, paper, steel, chemical, dairy, ceramic & other production industries have large and open roofs on which solar panels are installed to cut down the electricity bills. Comparatively, Industrial Electricity bills are at a high rate due to continuous manufacturing, processing, and production. Even energy shut-down complaints are quite common. So installing the rooftop solar panel and using solar equipment or solutions will increase the productivity of the industry.

residential solar installation company gurgaon

Schools, colleges, and educational institutions are taken as a non-profit organization which plays a huge role in the development of the nation. Lowering the electricity cost may lower the expenses and fees may go down thereof. On the other hand, a clean & safe environment keeps health better & improves Mind development. Even for the classroom studies, installing solar panels can work as a live example to enrich knowledge related to renewable energy and related projects.

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With the development of IT hubs, Multiplexes, Malls, and other commercial buildings, energy consumption rate in the day time is much higher due to which electricity bills go up and use of the generator is higher due to which overall energy costs impact overall ROI. Using solar panels can help to offer the regular energy supply to run the AC, lighting, & other equipment. Solar panels can also be used for preheating ventilation air, roof cooling, and water heating, etc.

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Not only for the high demanded areas but solar can also be used in rural areas to supply regular lighting on the roads and at homes where electricity is a big problem. Even the Government subsidies the rural areas to install solar panels and equipment.

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Health is wealth and Hospitals are loaded with heavy energy consumption due to medical equipment & other operational tools. Installing solar panels will surely bring a positive impact on hospital running and cost-saving which will lower the medical expenses also.

Government solar energy consultants gurgaon

Even the Government emphasizing using solar equipment and saving energy costs so that the money can be used for social welfare. The only Govt can bring awareness towards using solar panels in remote areas as well.

Why Should You choose Solaritis As Solar Energy Solutions Gurgaon

Solaritis working with various Government and private organizations to make solar projects successful. Choosing Solaritis as Solar Partner or Solar energy consultants in Gurgaon will improve the overall productivity with less hassle. Some of the factors Choosing us:-


Site Survey and Reports


Designing, Engineering, Installing, and consulting


Maintenance, Monitoring, Liasioning


Impanelled for Govt Subsidy distribution


Customer-Centric approach


Performance warranty for 5 years


World-Class Support

Solairitis conduct a survey before exhibiting the solar solutions in any place, send the quotations and complete the task within the given framework & timeline. Our purpose is to make the right use of solar energy and contribute towards Nation’ development. Call us for high ROI based Solar Energy solutions in Gurgaon.


Why Should I Hire Solaritis as the Best Solar Company in Gurgaon?

Solaritis has technical and qualified staff to deal with solar energy, installation, maintenances, and after installation services as well. With having an in-house team and government support, Solaritis offers cost-effective and yet effective services to the residential & commercial Sector. The company ensures long-term durability. If you are looking to get the uninterrupted selectivity supply through solar energy, hire Top solar company in Gurgaon.

Where can the Solar system be Installed?

Usually, the solar systems are installed on the rooftop only so that they could grab the sun's rays. To have a working and effective solar energy system, One should always get a solar system installed where direct sunlight can be delivered. So if you are looking for a top solar rooftop company in Gurgaon, Hire Solaritis today only.

How Solar Energy Saves our Electricity consumption cost?

Solar System procures the solar energies from Sun Only. With the help of solar inverters and tabular batteries, solar energies are produced to deliver electricity at home or offices. You may switch off the direct electricity supply and can consume solar energy. Switching off the direct electricity will save the electricity consumption cost.

Do Solaritis deals in Solar Street lights & Tabular batteries in Gurgaon?

Yes, Solaritis offer one stop solution related to solar energies only. People can contact us to get the street light work, commercial solar energy installation, and Tabular batteries as well.

How much does a residential Solar System cost in Gurgaon?

The cost of solar energy installation varies from area to area. Solar experts will visit the home and office, take the exact requirements, and all quote accordingly.

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