Role Of Solar Energy Towards Atmanirbhar Bharat 

By solaritis | 09 December, 2020

Understand The Role Of Solar Energy Towards Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission

This horrible pandemic situation has brought a lot of things upon us. Most of these things, however, are not something that we wished for us. Until someday, when our honorable Prime Minister addressed the nation with his most inspiring speech. In this inspiring speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned a very popular term that became a sensation in India pretty soon. The term happens to be Atmanirbhar. It means to be self-reliable. This inspired people stuck in lockdown to a great extent. Many developments took place during this time, as well.

Aiming towards an aspirational India

Different projects came up during this crucial time, and it changed this country's situation for good. The solar energy project is one of those many projects. This came out as one of the largest solar energy projects. Or Prime Minister declared this project as a secure, pure, and, most importantly, a sure project in Rewa. This power plant was about 750MW. The source of energy for this solar energy project was unveiled as a great development for aspirational India.

Why is this an Atmanirbhar Bharat Mission?

India is moving towards making exemplary progress in producing clean and pure solar energy in this 21st century. Prime Minister Narendra Modi aimed to dedicate this nation to a 750MW solar energy project in Madhya Pradesh.

By 2022, our Prime Minister believes in achieving 100GW solar energy in this country. Because this is a large-scale project, it is considered a great representation of this Atmanirbhar Bharat or a self-reliant India. This mission of Atmanirbhar Bharat has proved to be extremely inspirational for this country.

Prioritizing a better and clean environment

The promotion of this solar power project is a venture between SECI and also the State Government. This central agency has implemented the national solar project. This has been described as the very first solar project that supplies power to the institutional customer. The strategy and policy of this solar plant project have been reflecting the Government's idea of keeping the environment, water, and air pure and clean.

With this large-scale solar energy project, what the Government did was prioritize the protection scheme of India's environment. All of the programs of our Government had only one target- to offer an easy lifestyle. With this idea and thought in mind, Madhya Pradesh can soon become India's main solar power centers. There are some similar large-scale solar power plant projects in places like Omkareshwar, Shajapur, Chattarpur, and Neemuch.

India as a hub for Solar energy

The role of solar power energy towards this new concept of Atmanirbhar Bharat, or the role of solar energy towards atmanirbhar bharat mission has been quite challenging. India is moving towards a development where it can become a hub for solar power energy. The importance of solar energy has been stressed upon more and more. This power plant project has been started to supply power to the Delhi metro and even Madhya Pradesh.

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