now About The OSOWOG Initiative 

By solaritis | 30 November, 2020

Know About The OSOWOG Initiative By India And Its Vision

What is the OSOWOG initiative, and who proposed it?

Building a global ecosystem is a necessity and a great way to tackle a lot of problems. That is what the OSOWOG initiative by India is focusing on now. OSOWOG or the One Sun One World One Grid is a proposal that the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) invited.

It is a project put forward with a long term vision and planning to use renewable energy resources for our benefit. The sun never sets on earth, as when it sets in one part of the World, it rises in the other region. So they want to put forward the rooftop solar installations worldwide and build a global consensus by sharing the solar energy and resources among the different countries in Asia.

Is OSOWOG helpful for the World?

Some people are concerned about implementing this project based on the unfavorable economics and the unwarranted globalisations. But many experts think that the OSOWOG initiative by India is a smart way to produce energy.

  • The power and energy that India will generate through this project are massive. There is an approximate expectation that it can generate 40% of the power by using these non-fossil fuels in the coming years. It is also in talks for connecting solar energy supplies across the borders and the neighboring countries.
  • The obvious benefit of using solar energy is the lesser project costs and maximum efficiency. It will also encourage the effective utilization of all the assets when so many entities are participating.
  • There is no requirement for a grid infrastructure in this project as the already existing grids will be sufficient. It will reduce the cost also as now the sole investment will be the incremental investment.
  • Projects like these will help in tackling various economic challenges. They can solve problems like mitigating water, food, sanitation, poverty, and other issues.
  • The growth of national renewable resources as a regional and a global center of management is also a great benefit to India. Therefore, India will have much more power in the World economy than it has now.
How will the implementation of this project be done?

The implementation of the OSOWOG initiative by India has a proper plan as well. There are mainly three phases in which they will conduct this project.
In the first phase, they focus on interconnecting the countries with whom they are planning to go forward with this project. The countries include the Middle East, South-East Asia, and South Asia. The second phase focuses on connecting solar and various other energy renewable resources to these rich regions. In the third and the final area, they will eye on the global interconnection of the transmission grid of the power.

Some of the countries included in this project are Myanmar, Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia, Thailand, etc. They will cover the African region as well. That is how they are planning to implement the One Sun One World One Grid Vision.

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