By solaritis | 02 November, 2020

All You Need To Know About The Challenges Faced By Solar Sectors & Users

Technology has completely changed our lives for the better, and solar power is one of the most promising renewable energy that has not completely being utilized by the people. Though the advantages of generating electricity from the sun's limitless energy are many, there are still lots of Challenges faced by Solar Sectors & Users that we are going to discuss in this article.

How difficult it is for solar sectors

Though solar energy is used to a great extent in the country still, there are hurdles faced by the solar sector when it comes to implementation:

  • More than 90% of the solar panels and modules are imported
  • The solar energy network is not well established in the country
  • The country has tremendous solar potential, and states can use their wasteland to set up solar power grids, but most of the wastelands are still not utilized
  • Natural causes like dust, high temperatures, the hardness of water, etc. are also contributing to the difficulty in the implementation
  • Solar panel implementation and its services need skilled labor, and it lacks in the country
  • The major concern for a solar project developer is policies and regulations and the unwillingness of the state electricity departments to sacrifice their high tariff paying customers
  • The fluctuation in the price of PVC is also a hurdle for manufacturing solar modules in the country.

All these aspects are the causes that are causing difficult situations for solar projects in the country.

The challenges faced by the consumers

Most of the country's consumers are still in the dark regarding solar energy and thus are hesitant. Here are certain aspects that are making things complicated for consumers:

  • The installation cost is quite high though it is recovered in the long run; consumers are not well informed about it.
  • Lack of flexible funding is also another cause of concern.
  • The delays of subsidy disbursement
  • The consumers also lack information about a proper solar equipment supplier and installer.
  • Most of the consumers do not know the long-term benefits of solar power. They get hesitant to see the high installation charges. They need to be well informed, and the government should take appropriate steps to provide funds for the initial steps.
  • The delays in implementation policies should also be taken care of so that consumers are more aware of the government's steps regarding solar energy.

With all the above aspects in place and with the immense solar potential the country has, it will be no surprise that the entire country's energy needs can be covered with the inexhaustible energy source of the sun. All these will also nullify the Challenges faced by Solar Sectors & Users in the future.

The steps to be taken
  • The government should have its focus on clean and green energy
  • Startup companies should be encouraged
  • Consumers should be well informed
  • Make in the country policy should be taken seriously, and the government should take all steps for a hassle-free implementation
  • Labour should be trained

The country is still in the starting stages, and without proper policies and support, the transition to solar power will remain a beautiful dream. So urgent steps regarding the smooth implementation of projects are required.

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