Government Support Solar Manufacturer in India 

By solaritis | 18 November, 2020

To Realize The Go Green Vision, The Government Should Support Solar Manufacturer With Friendly Policies

Solar energy is one of the most promising gifts of modern technology that has not been utilized to the fullest. Though India's government has taken several steps to incentivize renewable energy, it still lacks the speed, and the consumers are still in the dark. The Government Should Support Solar Manufacturer by implementing favorable policies to encourage investors to invest in solar energy plants.

Awaiting government's help

Make in India policies are gathering momentum in the country but at a slower pace. Solar energy is still in the backdrop. If the need for an environmentally friendly way of accessing power is to be materialized, then the government should take proper steps in helping the solar manufacturer:

More research and development is needed.

More research and development programs need to be set up so that the solar power can be exploited to the maximum, and the country need not depend on any foreign nation for its own needs. The country's growth will depend a lot on our power policies, and solar is a sure and efficient way that will make our country grow without any limits.

If the government takes appropriate steps to support solar manufacturers, this dream can be realized faster. Skilled labor is needed for the installation and other services, and thus steps should be taken by the government to train personnel in these areas. The Government Should Support solar energy company in Delhi/NCR to place their trust in the government and start their manufacturing process without any worries.

Go green power vision should become a reality.

Pollution is one of the most worrying aspects of the country, and with solar power and E vehicles, the country can beat the rising pollution issues. So if the go green vision is to be realized, then support for solar power in the country is necessary. The manufacturers should be encouraged to manufacture a solar panel in the country rather than importing them from other countries.

The government has plans to make India energy efficient. It is taking steps for its implementation, but it is rather slow, and lots of hurdles are making the manufacturers take a step back. The government's policies should reach the manufacturers so that their projects are not delayed, and proper funds will be within reach for a smooth running.

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