Covid-19 Effect On Solar Industry 

By solaritis | 13 April, 2021

Five Easy Steps to Deciding Best Solar Company in Delhi

So, you have decided to get a solar power system installed in your home or office. You are probably superbly confused regarding the decision- how to choose the best solar company. Here we have listed 5 points to keep in mind before choosing the company to install your solar devices.

Despite the lack of government support, solar panels are still a strong investment. Solar would make financial sense as long as you use at least 50% of your solar power on-site and choose a fair import tariff. The more time you spend on-site, the more money you save. It's important to remember that the cost of grid electricity is rising

  1. Who is the popular solar PV installer in your area?
  2. The most important sphere of your research should be finding out which company has been the most popular choice of the locals in your area. If you choose someone who holds a firm grasp on your area, you not only will have a smooth installation but will also be able to reap the benefits of better after-sale services. You can also opt to visit a few solar projects in your area to know the project's technicalities and requirements.

  3. The engineering expertise of the company
  4. The engineering put behind your solar system is the crucial factor that determines the savings and the overall life of your solar power system. The engineering team should have sufficient ground experience to handle practical situations and issues quickly. Therefore, it is essential to conduct a thorough background check on its experience and engineering expertise.

  5. The business relations of the company
  6. This may not cross your mind, but this becomes a significant factor for a sound installation and service. A solar company installer who deals with good dealers and suppliers is likely to give you better quality products and services furnished with the latest technology and reasonable pricing. You can even directly ask the company about their suppliers and vendors, and other service providers to get an idea about what to expect about the performance.

  7. Financing schemes, guarantees, and warranties
  8. There is no denying that although the solar power system does save your money in the long run, it is initially a reasonably significant investment. You may not be in a position to invest the funds at one go, and you may want to consider getting it financed. You can speak to the company about the financers that are in their loop. Similarly, you must always gather information about the guarantee and warranty provided by the company.

  9. Customer reviews of the Solar PV Installer
  10. This is the most accurate test of any Solar PV installer company. You may do your research, but it is the pre-existing customers who can validate the company's superiority. If you find a company fulfilling all the criteria that you may have kept in your mind, it is always better to consult an unbiased customer to get a bigger picture. Because in the end, it is not the advertising but the delivery and action that matters!

Conclusively, we would suggest you do your research but not be too skeptical about it. Remember that different people may have different experiences with the same company. If you screen your choices according to the list of points mentioned above, you are sure to make a better choice for your PV installer.