10 Most Frequently Asked Questions by the Business Owners 

By solaritis | 20 December, 2020

10 Most Frequently Asked Questions by the Business Owners

Solar energy is one of the most rewarding decisions for any organization because it lets them save a fortune on electricity bills every month. This, in essence, tends to reduce running costs and maximize the profit and growth potential of the corporation as a whole.

What is your company's best solar system size?

 The Optimal Solar System Size is the one that satisfies your power requirements. It depends on your power usage, your sanctioned load, and your region's solar irradiance that depends on how much you are shadowless, where you live, etc. 

How much would the solar firm save?

The solar installation will help an organization save up to 80% per month on electricity bills. In other terms, the future savings would depend on multiple variables such as electricity usage, power costs, renewable capacity, solar irradiance, business type, type of solar panel (on-grid, off/hybrid), and scale of the solar system.

What is your Solar Investment's break-even period?

Your solar investment's break-even-period depends on factors such as solar system expense, solar energy production, energy use, a form of the solar system, solar charges in your state, and other considerations. 

How much is your company going to cost to solarize?

The cost of solarisation depends on the form and scale of your solar system for your business. However, combined with how much your company saves on renewable power costs, the solar panel cost is almost a fraction. 

Will your organization pay in monthly installments for a solar system?

Yes, in monthly installments, the organization will pay for solar. Businesses worldwide have made their solar journey simple and inexpensive through a pool of solar funding and credit solutions.

Is it CAPEX or OPEX that your company should go to buy Solar?

The purchasing of solar under the CAPEX models can seem expensive, but they are more economical in the longer term.

Will your organization use solar power without incurring capital costs?

Yes, without paying for installing a solar system, the organization will use solar electricity. Your corporation is responsible for the solar system's operational and maintenance costs in this model.

How to pick the company's best Solar Installer?

The option of solar is a long-term investment and is thus essential for every entity to select the right solar partner. And this continues with knowledge of the solar installer's capability, history, credibility, presence, and offers. Many info on finding the proper solar companion can be found here.

What would the company waste if the decision to go solar is delayed?

When nobody expects time and tides, no one can save time and tides. If saved, this investment will have led to higher sales, give you more money to grow your company, and boost your industry's financial security overall.

Does the company have to choose solar O&M?

Solar systems require routine service and maintenance to provide a high degree of efficiency, like any other technology. A repair and management kit means the solar panel is in the hands of specialists.

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